Electrical Fault Finding (Troubleshoot) Services

Electrical Fault Finding Services Singapore our experienced electricians will help you with fault finding. If you notice flickering lights, malfunctioning electrical outlets, and even outdated electrical wiring, we can fix these for you. Our professionals have many years of training and experience, and they can instantly pinpoint what’s wrong with your home’s electrical system.

We value transparency and expect that our rates are according to the services we render. Because of that, we have already earned the trust of many homeowners and small business owners in the country.

If you need looking for the right company to work on your electrical installation needs, Merdeka Contractor is one of the trusted teams in Singapore.

Benefit with Our Fault Finding Services

There are Six Fault Finding Services includes,

  • Collect the Evidence.
  • Analise the Evidence.
  • Locate the Fault.
  • Determination and Removal of the Cause.
  • Rectification of the Fault.
  • Check the System.