Electrical Wiring and Re-wiring Services in Singapore

Electrical wiring in your home is the biggest important component of your electrical system. It is not only a difficult system at home, but also difficult to deal with: it is very dangerous. If you do not have specialized training, it is essential to hire an expert at any time when you encounter wiring related problems, as well as it is important to appoint an expert you can trust. Keep your home safe. We will have 365 days to assist you with Merdeka Contractor Electrician to repair or replace your electrical wiring. Whole house rewiring Service Singapore is your preferred one place for all electrical wiring solutions. Your safety is our priority and we make sure to use only Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts for all your electrical wiring installations. Once we are done our highly experienced electricians will ensure that all your wiring complies with government codes and standards.

Whole House Re-Wiring

At Merdeka Contractor Pte. Ltd., we offer a safe and high-quality whole house rewiring service that exceeds industry standards and customer expectations. With years of experience, we can accomplish the job fast and flawlessly. We follow local and national codes, to ensure that your home’s value will remain marketable in the coming years.

If you want to do rewiring an entire home, it must be done by well-trained professionals. You have the right choice to choose emergency electrician in Singapore, a well-experienced and highly trained electrician to do the job for you. Otherwise, you might put your home at risk.

To complete your needs, reach Merdeka Contractor Pte. Ltd. and our representative will gladly assist you.

Burning and Smell

When the electrical system starts to give off a strange odor, you should immediately seek the help of a specialist electrician. In Singapore our electricians specialize in this. Circuit breakers or electrical plugs may be overloaded or not working as expected, especially when you operate the device. Minor fault in electrical wiring repair can lead to very unsafe conditions, which can lead to electrical or electrical fire accidents and loss of life and property

Benefit with Our Whole House Re-Wiring Services

Wiring & Rewiring Services has Modern electrical systems that are much more energy-efficient and therefore will save you money.

  • professional licensed electrician
  • The ability to convert your garage or loft into living spaces.
  • Increased safety and fire prevention.
  • Increased home value.
  • Higher energy efficiency.
  • Stable access to power (fewer outages)