LEW Licensing & Endorsement

A licensed Electrical Worker (LEW) refers to a competent person who is able to carry out Best LEW Electrician Singapore works and holds a license issued by the Energy Market Authority (EMA). Conduct Routine Inspections Using Mobile Devices with Online Data Analysis to Provide Recommendations on the Electrical Systems. Evaluation Study and Provide Solution for Power Quality / Energy Efficiency.

Certified electrician Singapore, Electrical Safety, Operation/Maintenance, Switching Procedures, Etc. Liaise with Sp Power Grids, Ema and Authorities for Energisation and Power Supply Related Matters. Preparation and Submission of Electrical Drawings to Relevant Authorities and Approval Of For Electrical Supplies to Multi-Tenant Units.

Lew Application and Renewal of Electrical License (Ema Electrical Installation License of 400v, 22kv, 66kv).

 Benefit with Our LEW Licensing & Endorsement Services

Lew 24 Hours Standby For Emergency Services To Restore Power Outage, Troubleshooting, Eliminate Malfunctions On The Electrical Systems.

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